How to Hide Navigation Bar From Blog

If you are user of and want to hide the navigation bar which shows on top in your blog, to hide the the navigation strip you need to write the little HTML code which is mentioned below.

Step 1 – Go into the Layout > Edit HTML

hide navigation bar from blog

———-Copy the Below Code ————————

/* Hide the Navigation Bar */

#navbar, #navbar-iframe {

Step 2 – Look the Edit Screen



Step 3 -:
Copy the above code and paste here after the body class in the HTML as shown in the step 2 , however you do only if you know little about the html and style sheet.
After pasting the code , save the template and view the blog and you will be seeing that navigation bar is not displaying now.

To do the new post now you need to login in to the and click dashboard to get into the your blog and new post. 


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