How To Get IMEI Number of Your Mobile and Handset Details

IMEI ( International Mobile Equipment Identity ) is a unique 15 digit number which is allotted from manufacturing companies and no other mobile can contain the same IMEI number , if you want to see the IMEI number then you open back cover of your handset and remove battery, you will find that IMEI number will be written over there where battery is placed, This number is used to trace mobile, block mobile if  lost or stolen, no one can use your mobile if you had given details of your IEMI number to your service provider.

See Other way to find the IMEI Number -:

1. Dial *#06# from your mobile and as you press last #, the screen will display the IMEI number, note down your IMEI number for future reference and use if stolen mobile, lost mobile, block mobile not to allow other SIM.

How to verify that IMEI number is correct -:

1.There are many websites which gives the details of Handset based on IMEI number
2.Click the link  to see your handset details, if it is showing the details then you may ensure yourself that IEMI is correct.


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