How to Get a Serial Number of Laptop or Desktop

Whenever you are calling to customer care for your laptop or desktop then the customer care person asked about a serial number. For a Laptop Serial number written on the back side of a laptop, you can turn your laptop and can tell it to customer care. But if you don’t want to turn your laptop and want to know it through any command then you can do so. For the desktop Serial number is written inside the CPU which is again difficult to find it. However you can easily find using a Command Prompt program.

Steps –

Use Command Prompt to Get a Serial Number

Use Command Prompt to Get a Serial Number

  1. Type cmd or command in Program list
  2. Open Command Prompt, you may type computer commands over here.
  3. Type commad wmic bios get serialnumber and press enter.
  4. The serial number will be displayed on screen.

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