How to Find Your Lost Phone and Do Factory Reset of Your Data and Lock Screen

If you lose your mobile phone, then with the help of google android device manager website you can remotely find the location of your phone, you can also ring your phone. Sometimes we used to forget the our mobile phone at home, and it is hard to find then you can open your laptop or tablet hit the Android device manager website, login with your credentials which you have used in your mobile and ring the phone.

Another scenario is that if your phone got stolen or lost somewhere and you are not able to get that phone back in any case, then for the security concern you can do a factory reset of your phone as well you can change screen unlock password so none can do the misuse of the phone. I will take you through step by step how can you do it.

Step 1 – First open an Android device manager website


Step 2 – Login with your credentials and try to ring your phone,  You can also click the blue oval to know your mobile location. So this is one of the website from where you can handle your mobile in case of your mobile got lost.

Step 3 –  Now if you want to utilize the service of remotely handling of your mobile then for that you need to configure your phone first. Once it got properly configured then you can use this feature.

Step 4 – Configure Your Android device

To configure the setup first click on setup lock and erase, it will ask you send a notification to device. Click on send to start it.

AndriodDeviceManager-Setup Lock and Erase


So now you need to turn on the setting to manage the mobile remotely . So for that go in your google settings app in your mobile in the security tap in android device manager section and enable two option as below – Locate Device

As you select second option it will ask to activate the service.  Click to activate.  Once it got activated now you can handle your mobile remotely for locking your screen and factory data reset.

To check this now if you login again in Android device manager then you will see 3 options separately 1. Ring .  2. Lock Screen and 3. Erase Data.

Note – Use these two options (Lock and Erase) only when your phone is stolen or lost. Kindly do not try now. 


What things you can do If your phone is Lost :

Option 1 – If your phone around you and you are not able find it then click on ring to ring it.

Option 2 – If you have lost phone somewhere and not able to remember which place I have forgot then with help of google map try to figure out the location and get it from there if it known to you.

Option 3 –  Try to lock your screen and send a message and alternate mobile number to receiver so when he will open the mobile will get the lock screen with message and mobile number.


Option 4 – Use it when you decide to make factory reset of your mobile. It will erase your apps and data on mobile.  If you use it this option first then you will not able to make screen lock .