How to Embed Excel File on Website or Web Page Via Google Docs

Sometime we want to share a excel data with others and it should look like a website or page, we can do it easily through Google Docs.

1. Login in with Your Google username and password.
2. Upload the Excel file in Google Docs

3. Click on Uploaded file.

4.Share Publish as Web Page
publish Excel as a Web Page

5.Select All sheets to publish all sheets in the web Page.
6.Select an HTML to Embed in a Page

Embed Excel as a Webpage

7.Copy the Iframe HTML from Textbox and paste in your Post choosing an Edit HTML option in blogger or in your website Page in Body Tag.
8.See now your Website and the page will have all contents of your excel file with tabs.

How to get Web Page Link –
If you do not need to embed the Excel in your website, still you can share the Excel web page link to others, for that choose web page option and get the link from text box, You can also get a link for a PDF, Txt, RSS, XLS and ODS.


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