How to Display Recent Posts in Blog

Do you want to display recent post in your blog . If yes then it is easy to setup using buzz boost feature of FeedBurner .You can easily do it . If you have FeedBurner account and have done setup of your blog for the feeds then you can also do easily setup of BuzzBoost which will display the recent post of your blog, you can also customize the settings as per your needs.

To setup the Recent Post by BuzzBoost, Follow the below steps –

1. Login into your FeedBurner Account.
2. Click on Feed Title.
3. Click on Publicize Tab.
4. There are 10-11 service under Publicize Tab, click on Buzz Boost Service.
5. Make Setting of Buzz Boost as per your desired look and feel.
i) Number of item to display – This denotes how many posts want to display on the page.
ii) Display Feed Title- you can provide a title of the setting.
iii) Other settings also you can do as per your needs.
6. After that you save the settings and make service as active, activate this service.
7. Copy the HTML and paste it your Blog HTML / Script widget or in your website.
8. Preview your blog and you will see the recent posts as per your settings.
9. If you are changing the settings then again need to paste the HTML in your widget or in website.

So Congratulations, You have done setup of recent post in your blog.

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