How to Create Google Friendly Websites or Blog

Google is defined the formula for a Google friendly sites, which talks itself about the sites or blogs and who are satisfy the formula, those websites are most of the time crawled by the ROBOT.

Google friendly Formula is –

Google friendly = Design & Usability + Web Site Navigation + Page Content + Keyword Research

4 Essential things are required to become a Google friendly publisher or webmaster.

1. Design and Usability : Site or Blog design should be unique and content should be useful,Site design should attract to visitor, proper font size and color combination should taken to the place.

2.Web site Navigation : The navigation of the pages should be properly linked and all the links should be in the condition of working, no broken link should be exist on the page or anywhere on the website.

3. Page Content : Page content or articles should provide good quality and value to audience.

4. Keyword Research : When you post any article then think title as unique title and when you writing a article then keep in mind a that you have to write a good article which should attract to visitor and provide a worth to the audience.


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