How to Check Traffic Rank Through Alexa

alexa is a good site to know about your site or blog rank, it calculates the site base on popularity and number of visits .You can check your traffic rank in seconds by alexa, you just need to give your site URL in website text field. As a result it shows the exact traffic rank, and linking of blog or site with other sites and also shows the growth graph of the visitors in left top corner.

In the previous posts I have shared about how to increase traffic rank of your website , now this is time to check your traffic rank after each 10 days, definitely you will seen the good results in few days. If something really you are doing good then no one can stop you to get the good traffic rank. What you do,  after 10 days you need to just write the traffic rank in your notepad then after next 10 days you need to do the same thing and write your traffic rank, compare with previous traffic rank, see the differences in your ranking, do the same activity thrice time in a month , if your current rank is less then previous rank then it is a good signal for you that your site or blog is improving day by day and your visitor are coming on your site or blog , if there is no progress seen in your traffic rank then think choose the right path to attract to the visitors for your site or blog, promote your site in good and appropriate way using social websites.


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