How to Change Facebook Profile in New Look and Apply Facebook Timeline

Do you want to change your Facebook profile look and feel.Yes you can, Facebook Timeline is a new feature of Facebook which is a new kind of Facebook profile, showing all activities of your Facebook profile, photo upload , walls post entries at one place and when someone click on your Facebook profile photo then it will redirect to Facebook timeline including Facebook cover, you can change cover of Facebook profile with any image or photo to make a good visualization of your profile.

Timeline shows all stories from the beginning of time,we could say it maintains history of your activity and shows in timeline.You may hide stories if you do not want to make it pubic and visible to all.Facebook also added more then 80 useful applications which you can use using a Facebook log ins.

To get a Facebook Timeline look for your profile click a link . Click on Get Timeline button shows at bottom and make login in your Facebook profile, run tour and publish your tour, as you publish your timeline will get activated and apply for your Facebook profile only, not for your home page, home page will be displayed as it was, only Facebook profile display will be changed with stories and activities.

We could say now timeline is story is nothing but a story of your life, and new way of express you are.So what timeline does it shows whole story of a life on a single page.Stories are much nicer as it you are seeing blog.You can navigate the timeline year by year of someone and can know important stuffs and events of someone for the same year.


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