How to Book Indane Gas Through Call or IVRS

You may book your Indane Gas very easily and quickly by just dialing the given IVRS number. You need to provide only your consumer number and Gas distributor landlines phone number with STD code. As you enter these details in IVRS – Interactive voice system, then you will be registered to book your gas refill through phone only. Given steps will help to let you know How to book Indane gas through call.

Steps – how to book indane gas through call

Step 1 – Get IVRS Mobile Number of your gas agency from website or Gas Payment Receipt.

Indane Gas Booking Through Call

Indane Gas Booking Through Call

Step 2 – Dial IVRS Mobile Number. Listen IVRS Voice and Confirm Your Language, enter the number for your language.

Step 3 – Enter now your gas distributor landline number with STD code, confirm your distribute by listening name of distributor, distributor name is written on your Gas payment slip.

Step 4- Enter Consumer Number

Step 5 – Enter number for booking Gas Refill.

Step 6 – As your refill will be booked, an SMS will be sent you.