How Can We Check Website Has Been Cached And Indexed By Google

Many publishers and webmasters are worried about indexing of the website or blog post, How do I know if my website has been indexed or considered by Google.They are putting stress so much on that when my blog or website will be indexed, why it has not been indexed, why I am not coming in Google search so many Questions are in mind. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing are useful stuff of the internet.You will not able to find what You are looking for online contents without these engines .It is easy to find out the last time when Google crawled and indexed a website.The Google has done incredible job to improve the search quality and search ranking of the website or blog .Yahoo and Bing also doing a great job to improve the search result and providing whatever you are looking for.

There are 6 methods to check that your site has been indexed or not –:
1. Type Website URL in Google Search Box :
Simply type the complete URL of your Blog or Website in the Google search box ( or choose any other search engine. If It shows your site in the result set with the last captured indexed pages, posts and contents.So it indicates that your blog or website has been indexed.It will also display how many pages are considered by Google for indexing.

2. Check Your Website By Cached Link :
Another method to check indexing or consideration of your website or blog that crawled by a search engine, you can also get since when your site is not crawled or considered by a search engine. To get to know this simply type in your browser after then type your blog URL or website URL in the Google search box, If your Site in the search result, beside the Website URL and description here is one cached link provided, click on cached link and see date when your Blog or Website has been considered by search engine and what are the contents, Layout also has been cached by the Google. If cached link is not exists it indicates that your site was never indexed by the Google.

3. Type Your Website URL With Site and Colon :
This is very nice method to check for website has indexed or not.Simply type in search box and you will be getting the list of all pages which has successfully indexed by Google for your website.Here I  have taken my website name after Site: you type your website.If your site is not indexed then you will get the proper message that your site has been never indexed by Google.

4. Check Indexing of Your Page Through Page Title  :
Copy the Page Title and Paste in Google search, if you get your website in the Google top Search Result then it means that particular page has been  indexed by Google.

5. Type Cache with URL :
Type cache:[website link] in Google search box, for an example . you will get the time of last cached page.
Note : Do not provide any space between colon and website URL.

6. Submit Your Sitemap to Google to be Indexed –
I have taken already How you submit your website or Blog through the webmaster tool, when you  submit the website or blog then Google will let you know that how many pages has been indexed from your website.

Apart from all,  To get your website or blog on the top of the search in any search engine, you need to do work hard and it might be take more than 6 months or a year for increasing a good Website Traffic.

How Google Puts Websites in the Top 10 Search Results on First Page :-
Google crawled so many sites after a particular time period and provided results for top sites if these meets followings

  • When posting of contents are up to date and appropriate, useful, helpful for the visitors.
  • When posting of the contents are unique.
  • When posting of the new contents are updated regularly monthly or weekly or bi-weekly.

How to Submit URL to 3 Big Search Engine : 
If you have designed your blog or Site and it contains more than 12-15 pages, then you can submit your URL to below 3 search engines and it will indexed easily.

1. Google Search Engine ( )

2. Yahoo Search Engine ( )

3. Microsoft Search Engine ( )

They will add your URL in to search engine and will index pages of your Website or Blog.

How to Track Position of Your Blog or Website in Google search :
There are huge number of websites on the internet, when anyone is searching content on Google or on any search engine then you want to know on which position your blog or site is appearing, On which page number your site is ?. To know these all the things, Google has introduced very good tool Position Tracker which helps a lot to publisher and webmaster to know about the position of a blog or website in Google search .
To check your site or blog for positions in search result, login into below Position Tracker Tool and enjoy the results .

URL of Position Tracker Tool –


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