Guide to Setting Bookmarks and Favorites in Google Chrome

It’s been get difficult to remember all website URL or specific web page URL, We can save all my favourites website URL at one place and access these whenever want, this place is called Bookmark toolbar. Bookmarks are browser specific, few steps are only required to understand setting bookmarks in your Google chrome browser.

1. Show Bookmark Tool Bar :-
First you need to show bookmark bar in Google Chrome Tool Bar, click on Tool Box Icon in Google Chrome > Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks bar –

Show Bookmark bar in Google Chrome

2. Drag Your First Bookmark in Bookmark Tool Bar  :-

Now type any URL in web address window and select the whole URL, try to drag it in bookmark toolbar as shown below –

Add First Bookmark in Google Chrome Bookmark Toolbar


3. First Book mark added Successfully -: as your first bookmark added successfully as shown below –

My First Bookmark


4. Add Folder to Categorize Bookmark list :-

Use Folder to categorize your Bookmarks

5. See How I Categorized My Bookmarks :-

See Added Bookmarks

6. Add Bookmark Using Star Icon : –

7. Import Bookmarks From Internet Explorer  :-
If you were using earlier internet explorer and added favourites in Internet Explorer then you can import all favourites in Google Chrome Bookmark Toolbar. 

Import Bookmark from Internet Explorer

8. Use Bookmark Manager :-
If you want to add / edit / delete the bookmark then you can use bookmark manager.

Use Bookmark to edit / delete /add Bookmark

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