Got Google Adsense Pin Finally After Two Attempts

I was much worried, Pubic Service ads (PSA) were displaying on my website and I had already tried 2 attempts to get Google Pin but Google pin could not reach to me, I was thinking what is reason, why Google pin is not coming to me as Google Adsense account is displaying that I have send you pin at mentioned address, Is there any problem in mailing address or problem from post office. So many questions however when it was 3rd attempt then I changed my Home address to my office address and started to wait again for Google pin. It was surprising for me I got my Google pin with in 21 days it had come on my office address and I felt very good that day to see Google Pin envelop. It was so exciting for me, I was happy to see my hard work result. If you are not getting too Google Pin then try to change your address in your office address and they reapply for Google pin. It might work for you too.
If you have tried all 3 attempts and still you have not received the Google Pin then Google Adsense Team will send you mail to send relevant document on which your address is required and it should match with your Google Adsense address for completing verification. Google Adsense Team will review your documents like Passport or any Bank statement and then after they will be validating your pin and activating your Google Adsense account to show Google ads on your website.
How to enter a Google Pin in Google Adsense account -:
Login into Google Adsense Account, enter simply your Google Adsense pin in given textbox, It is a four digit pin. As you enter Google Adsense pin instantly all messages will be removed from your screen and you will be validating for displaying ads on your website and you would see further ads on your Website or blog , after doing all it might take 3-4 hours to show Google ads on your website, have patience wait for until ads are not displaying on your website, if still ads are not displaying or any alert message in Google Adsense account then contact to Google Adsense Team directly on mail id or through the phone number. It might be reason for violating any Google policy.

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