Google TV and Internet Stuff Together

Google TV is combination of internet and your actual Home TV, now no need to sit on internet to surf something you can directly search anything on TV itself, even you can see YouTube videos in minutes. You can browse any website and application. You can connect to any news channel live or can watch any show on Google TV. You can also play the game on Google TV as you have played before on the internet.Google TV is now our future TV and excellent technology, which is going to be developed this year on December in 2010, will be really very exciting for us to see the internet stuffs on the TV. Really it will be very exciting to see this. We will be enjoying so many stuffs on the TV. Really I can Imagine it.
Google TV is integrated with hardware and software. For connecting your TV with the internet required only Google Set top box called campaign box which will connect to your dish / satellite set top box .This Google set top box will be controlled by the controller which is combination of two feature keyboard and remote. So when you enter something in inbuilt Google Chrome browser by the controller then it will directly connect to your favorite show or internet . Google TV is getting developed by this year in 2010 in December and will be launched internationally in 2011.

What is required stuff to run the Google TV?
1. Google set top box
2. Wi-Fi Internet connection
3. Remote Controller (Remote plus keyboard features)
List of hardware which will be embedded in Google set top box-

1. 1.2-Ghz Intel atom processor

2. 4 GB of internal memory

3. 802.11n Wi-Fi

4. Two HDMI out ports

5. Two USB ports

6. Dolby Digital 5.1 sound

List of software which will be installed on Google set top box–

1. Android – an Operating system which is used to run the Google TV.
2. Google Chrome Browser- Used to surf the internet stuff on the TV.

3. Flash 10.1 – Used for fast loading and good display of videos and games with better quality.
Benefits of Google TV –

1. You can enjoy so many things at one place like TV shows and Internet stuffs.
2. You can record your TV show program.
3. You can view YouTube videos, websites and applications at big screen.

List of Google partners help to Google for this new technology-

1. Logitech – Involved in design of Google Set top box and Remote controller with keyboard.
2. Sony – Involved in design new TV with Google TV enabled feature.
3. Intel – Involved in design of Atom Processor which will integrated in Google set top box.
4. Best Buy –Involved in selling of Google set top Box.
5. Adobe – Involved in launching new version Flash 10.1 which will be used to watch videos and games for  Internet stuffs.
6. Dish Network – Testing this new technology at satellite network.

Watch below Video to have look of future home TV : Google TV


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