Google Plus One Button Working In Google Chrome

I have added Google plus one button in this blog  and when I published this, I saw it is working on Goggle Chrome only, when I tested my page for other browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla/4.0  Firefox, it seems not working, The button is not appearing on the page. It might be Plus One button script is not supporting to others browsers.
Google Plus one Button Working in Chrome

To Check this – is working or not ? Open your website in Google Chrome and also in other browsers too.You will see the difference. It indicates that Google is still working on Google Plus One button and They will update script soon accordingly browser compatibility.

First I have added Google Plus One button script in the HTML / Script Widget. Further I tried pasting the script in Head Tag instead widget, It is not working yet any how for any others browser excepting chrome, still not visible Google PlusOne button.

To get Google Plus Button Code – Please read – Google Launched Plus One Button Code Publicly


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