Get Running Train Status, Arrival Status, Departure Status, Delay Time and PNR Status

Train Running Status, Arrivals, Departures, PNR, Cancelled Trains List

Spot Your Train –

Get Status of Current Running Train, Delay Time and Arrival Status by Train Name or 
Enter the Train Name or Train Number in search box and get the status of a running Train.

Get List of Trains Arriving and Departures At Station by Station Name using Stations Tab :

Provide Station Code or Station Name and get the list of trains arriving trains at this station in next 2 hours and 4 hours.You may get status of Delay Time as well as by selecting a particular train.

Get List of Trains Between One Station to Other Station by  Station Codes using Stations Tab :
Provide a Code of two stations.For an example enter in search NDLS to LKO, Pune to Goa.
Get List of Current Special Trains :
Special trains are running due to some reason and valid for specific date ranges.Select train and get the information about the train.

Get List of Cancelled Trains :
Get list of cancelled trains for the day.

Get Seat / Berth / PNR  Status :
Enter your 10 Digit PNR number which is written on your ticket and get the current status of your seat / berth.

Get Railway Station Code :
To get the Railway station type initial 3-4 character of any station.

Do any Complain or Track your Complain :

Use Rail Radar to visualize All Running Trains

 Use SMS Service

Locate Running Train Status by Sending SMS :

Type SPOT 12533 and send it to 139 where 12533 is a train number.Type your Train Number.

Type LOCATE 12533 and send it to 139 where 12533 is a train number.Type Your Train Number.

Get Seat / Berth / PNR  Status by sending SMS :

Type PNR number 10 digits and send it to 139.Get Arrival and Departure Time of Train by sending SMS :

Type TIME  12533 and send it to 139 where 12533 is a train number.Type your train number.


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