Get CIBIL Score Online in 3 Steps

Banks approve any loan on the basis of credit history and this history are marked by credit information bureau and score is called as Cibil Score, this score lies between min 300 to max 900 to get an approved a loan from the bank, 750 is considered as good cibil score and bank approved a loan very fast on basis of scores.

if you want to know your Cibil score then you may apply this online to get the CIBIL Report. You will have to fill simply a CIBIL online credit score request form and make payment using Internet banking and provide answers by asking question used for authenticating your identity.

  1.  Open a CIBIL SIte
  2.  Tell about your self.
  3.  Make  a Payment through internet banking , Debit/Credit card.
  4.  Validate question against previous loan related queries.

Once your request done, you will get mail from Cibil on your email id along with attachment of online payment receipt and they will send your CIBIL report on your email in 2-3 days.

In case of any error or authentication failed,  Take print of this online payment receipt, and send courier with your documents at given address at site. You will be getting the CIBIL report within 7 business days in your Email Inbox.

Mail your documents on -:

Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited,
Hoechst House, 6th Floor, 193,
Backbay Reclamation, Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021,India.
Tel.: 61404300



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