Free Virus Scanner for PC – Install BitDefender 60 Second Virus Scanner

Bitdefender has developed a 60 Second Virus Scanner which scans your system in 60 seconds. It is easy to install and for the time being it is in the list of free category. One more name added in the list of antivirus software that is Bitdefender. It uses cloud technology. It alerts about any antivirus threats on your PC. It also work with existing installed antivirus software and we could say it  works as double check on your existing antivirus software. I had installed it  few days back and it is working perfectly and alert me about the virus.The good thing found about the scanner is that it is not taking much time to scan and you  will get the reports in 60 seconds. Apart from it, you need not uninstall the existing antivirus scanner, it is working even other antivirus software is installed on your machine. In the report it is also showing settings on your computer like windows firewall, user controlling etc.
Installing BitDefender 60 Second Virus Scanner
As it scans the system in 60 seconds, it  downloads and installed in very short time. For the downloading you may click on the link to download and  visit the Bit Defender official website. It is compatible with windows 7 and windows 8, you may get it free and make your PC more secure. It is complete safeguard for your PC.
You may customize also scanner settings as per your requirement.
BitDefender Scanner Settings

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