Faster Way To Convert Webpage to PDF and Easy to Download and Share

If you love any website which has good contents related to your study material, education, good articles, any good notes, knowledge, news or any good thing which you love most to read. Suppose If I want to improve my English speaking then I would go for few websites which are providing a knowledge to improve an English, if you like any page of that website, The same page you can convert webpage to PDF and can save in your computer for further referring or future reference.

you can help to your friend even he don’t have Internet at home, he needs only to download the same PDF file from the mail which you had sent and can read the same contents on his computer without having an Internet.

Web To PDF

To do so you have to open URL  in your browser and copy any website Page URL from browser and paste here in Joli Print to convert into PDF, you can download the same PDF. Along with that you  can share the same PDF through Email, on Facebook Wall , On Twitter.

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