Easy To Track Google Adsense Cheque Courier Delivery Status

Google sends cheque through Blue Dart and it reaches with in 7-15 days approximate after payment issue date, you can track your cheque receiving status from the day when you will get updated tracking Number in the status  of Payments Tab of Payment Issued, if you look at payment issued details, then you will find two thing here one is Payment Number and other one is Tracking Number, if courier sends by Blue Dart then Payment Number will be referred as Ref no and Tracking Number is denoted as Waybill.Blue Dart Courier website http://www.bluedart.com/  providing two ways to track the status, if you have any number from both ( Waybill or Ref no ), can easily track the status of Courier delivered.

Blue Dart showing following details -:
Pickup Date
Date of Delivery
Time of Delivery

In Google Adsense account Payment number start with Zero, skip Zero when entering in Blue Dart, suppose Payment Number is 0555XXXXX, then put only 555XXXXX, here X is Number only.

Track By Payment Number of Google Adsense Cheque

Tracking Number starts with the BlueDart444XXXXXXXXXXXXX, you can put complete in Waybill or skip BlueDart text put only Waybill number.

Track By Tracking Number of Google Cheque
Other Way to Track By Tracking Number of Google Cheque
Causes of being Delay could be -::
  • Address is wrong – Check Statement of Earning in Adsense Account to ensure Address is correct or not.
  • Address belongs to any Rural Area or location is not much popular.(If you got the Adsense Pin at the same address then It should work I think so, there could be another issue).Check your area through Location Finder http://www.bluedart.com/locationfinder_domestic.html  for Blue Dart service available or not.
  • None is available at the given Address.
  • Blue Dart is not making Phone to Recipient.
  • Check recipient details on Blue Dart website, might be already received by someone behalf of you.
  • Google issued usually cheque in the end week of next month from completing a 100$ month, suppose 100$ completed on 20th May in your account then Google will issue the cheque on 26th June not on 26th May.
If cheque is not delivered yet to you, you may contact to Adsense Support and ask to reissue the same cheque.

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