Earn Money By Google Affiliate Network

Google Affiliate Network has come now with excellent concept of another way of earning money apart from Google Adsense, this program is fully come for publisher or Advertiser again, This is an another gift to publisher and Advertiser. Job is for publisher or advertiser or affiliate to sell the product for Google associated companies or Google Adwords Network. I would say in short it might be easy job than Google Adsense if you have a good running website with few visitors only then you can start this small business of selling product online, if someone click on advertisement which runs by Google Affiliate Network and buying the same product through your referral or website then your account will be credited with the commission in Google Adsense account, the payment method is approximate same as it is in Google Adsense, you will get the payment as it complete the Payment threshold of 100 $.

If you have an Adsense account, however you will have to apply for Google affiliate Network too. Google will approve your application after looking or reviewing your website in detail for a verification . After an approval mail, only you would able to show advertisement on your website . Once website is running with advertisement from Google Network and if anyone clicks on a particular ad and purchase the product then you will be getting credited with a particular commission in your Google Adsense Account . Google has so many associated group of companies and huge network of companies . You can earn easily by this method if you have good website and visitors are coming to your website .

How you receive commission from Google Affiliate Network ?
When any sale product or items is sold through your website then you will get commission and money will go in your Adsense account .

Can I have both account together Google Adsense and Google Affiliate Network ?
Yes, You can display both advertisement from Google Adsense Network and Google Affiliate Network .

If I do not have Adsense account , then Can I earn money from Google affiliate Network ?
Yes, You have to apply for Google affiliate Network account from sign up link .

How to Sign up in Google Affiliate Network ?

Before signup you just go with online help center

You can ask your questions on online help forum


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