Create Unique Page Titles

Page Titles are playing very good role for search engine and it is part of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) , you need to choose very specific and unique Title for each page. If you have index page or home page then you can choose a very generic Title which will be describing only your website or blog.

Home or Index Page Title

Title Tag always exists Inside –

Importance of Page Title

Do’s  for Pages Titles :-

  •  Create unique title tag for each and every page.
  •  Make brief and little descriptive and it has to match with page contents. 
  •  Remove unwanted keywords from title.
  •  Make most of the time, first alphabet of word capital in any Title.

Don’ts for Page Titles :-

  • Do not choose a title which has not any relation with content
  • Do not provide a Meaning less titles like untitled1, Default, Page1,  etc.
  • Do not use lengthy title, It should not more than 50-60 character including a space.
  • Do not use single title through out website or blog.

Search Engines reads title from left to right and co-relates data, base on each words written in the Title and fetch data accordingly. Google will take your page in search engines as per query asked if you are applying few small things. Title is first entry point for search engine to recognize pages or contents of any website or Blog.

Change Titles in Blogger for each Post :-

Page Specific Title

We do not have any option to change title in a Blogger for a each page, So to change a title for each post is a little tricky here, you just need to follow simple steps –

1. Login in to Blogger Account.
2. Go in Design Tab and Open Edit HTML.
3. Search for Tag.<br />4. For a Safer side, Take a backup of your Template, Click on   Download Full Template and save the template file on your computer.<br />5. Replace <title><data:blog.title/> code with below code with given comments as well.



6. Save Template
7.View Blog in Browser.
8.To check, it is working or not, just click on your Page Title and Title will be showing in your Browser.

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