Create Pages in Facebook With Custom URL

Everyone’s today creating a page on Facebook to get more fans and to promote the business on Facebook, there are many pages available on the Facebook, do you want to create your own page for yourself.
Steps to Create a Facebook Pages :
1. Open URL, This URL will show the list of  Popular Pages on Facebook.
2. Click on Create Pages link at right side.
3. You will get list of pages Types –
  • Local Business or Place – If you want to create a page for any business or for any place.
  • Company, Organization, or Institution – If you want to promote your Company, Organization or Institute.
  • Brand of Product – If you want to go for any Product Promotion and tell to fans about the product.
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure –  If you are artist, any Band, or Highly Profiled.
  • Entertainment – You can create a page for an entertainment like Music, Books, Movies etc.
  • Cause or Community – If you want to make huge fans of you.
4. For me I chosen Casue or Community Page, Enter the Name of Page and select for agreeing Facebook page terms, Click Get started.
5. Login in Facebook with your Email Id and Password.
6. Page will be create with one URL, you can update wall Photo and other details about the Page.
  The URL will look like this and  created all pages will be shown in Your Facebook account.
7. Now you can share this Page URL to Others or You can put on your website with Facebook Like Box , Change URL in Facebook like box plugin and put the HTML/Script code on your website.
How to Create a Facebook Page URL –
You can create a multiple pages, for each page you can create a one new username and new URL, however this could be done only if 25 peoples likes your page and fan of your Page.To change a username , click on Edit link on your Facebook Page, Basic information tab will be displayed, you can change a Username only if 25 peoples fans of your page.
Change Username of Facebook
You can convert the URL like in where MakeMyVision is a username of this page, as username will change your new URL will be displayed. 
Look at Few Pages First to Get the Idea to Create the Pages –

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