Create Ads For Promoting A Blog Or A Website

Everyone today want to promote his website or business , they want huge visitor or customer for his business but this is not an easy task to get instantly customer as you setup your business or hosting a website.To get huge visitors we required little promotion of the websites time to time or initially, you can start initially with little amount and as your business grow you can invest more for your advertising purpose and if you feel it not work for you you can stop any time running your advertisement.
You can go with 3 popular methods, however I like personally first one.

  1. Create and promote your ad using Google adwords program (
  2. Create and promote your ad on facebok (
  3. Create and manage your ad in linked in (

For all above methods you need to pay bid amount. Each site has different policy and different program .If you are running Google adsense or advertises on your site then it is good idea to promote your site may be at  margin cost you can get a huge profit . Let us see one example – suppose you pay 100 $ for the advertisement using any above methods and your site earned revenue from Google Adsense is 150 $ so you got the 50$ profit at your end .

Promote your website through online video – is good medium for promoting your business or website, just add one video at least to promote your website, Make power point presentation and convert into video through the software and upload it on with public mode . It works a lot if really your video is views by various viewers .


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