Create A Strong Password For Any Online Transaction or For Any Login

,Strong Password is a combination of small letters, numbers, capital letters and special symbols which makes password strong which is not easily guess by anyone. You must use strong password for any online logins.

Rules for Strong Password –
• A Password should have length more than 7 characters, at least it should have character of 8.
• A Password must include number.
• A Password must include Small letter.
• A Password should have at least one capital letter
• A Password must include any special symbol such like $, @, #, %,&,*,!,^,(,)
Tips to create a Strong Password, could also easy to remember –
Suppose I have one word like India, you can choose any uncommon word in place of. I could create many Strong Passwords using this word by adding few things only
1. First add numbers in India
    Ex: india2011 or 2011india
2. Make first or last letter capital which could be easily to remember, then it should be like India2011 or indiA2011 or 2011indiA or 2011India
3. Now add any special symbols, you can add two symbols or one in above as below –
#India2011$, India$2011, India@2011, #India@2011#, @India#2011@, indiA@2011#, 2011indiA@, #2011@India
For each online transaction or for any sign, try to create the strong password for your login, it will avoid to be hacked your password or easily guess of your password.

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