How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Listen Music From a Laptop

If you have bluetooth hands free speaker then you may easily transfer your audio from laptop to bluetooth audio speaker/headset and music will be played on bluetooth speaker /headset rather than laptop speaker or PC connected speaker, for this you just need to connect to speaker as bluetooth device as you connect for phone.

Steps –

1. Add a Bluetooth Music Device First

This is simple as you pair bluetooth phone with other bluetooth phone.

Go in device and printers, add a device and connect a bluetooth music speaker or same you may do using bluetooth Icon as shown below –

Add A bluetooth Device

2. Setting for Handsfree Bluetooth Speakers to Transfer Audio 

After a connection of bluetooth Music (BT Music) with laptop, go  in control panel , Sound section , Choose below option as shown below –

Select Bluetooth Hands-free Audio Default Device, Once you select this first then whenever you love to play music on bluetooth speaker then it will play on hands free speakers/headset and as your bluetooth speakers will be disconnected then music will be automatically played on laptop/pc. I have done this for windows 7 operating system. Now I can play audio freely on my bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooh Speakers connection


3. Now Play Music 

Music will be played on bluetooth speaker instead of laptop.