Computer / Laptop Started to Hang and How to Stop Not to Be Hanged

I have faced this problem a lot my computer hangs frequently after 10 days or in a day 2 -3 times, sometime my computer hangs after booting itself  so I decided to write the tips on my blog . There are certain points due to that computer can be hanged . I have also covered how can you make your healthy computer by routine checks and resolve issue not to be hanged . If from below checklist you are doing at least 2-3 things in a month or weekly basis then I can ensure your computer can not be hanged and you will enjoy working on computer 24 hours.

1. Overheating of processor or Motherboard : 
Overheating can be happened only if fan is not working or your computer is not getting cooling so much, another thing can be that if you have covered your CPU by any cover then also can be problem and it can increase heat to the processor so remove the cover first to check this issue or check fan is working or not.

2. Computer can be hanged due to Modem :
I faced one day this issue, computer hangs when connected to internet.When my computer was not working and I had tried all the things but still my computer was not working when I used to start my computer after just few minutes or hours it has hanged very badly.So to resolve this issue, I analyze and turned off my modem for whole day, that day I used the computer without the internet then I realized that computer is not hanged single time in a day, it was very surprising for me.
Next day I made the request to customer care and say to change the modem, it seems modem is hanging my computer, but they refused me and said it can’t be how modem can be hanged the computer this is problem in your computer but I was not agree with customer care executive and said okay I can understand this can be issue mine however could you send the engineer who can change my modem for a while so I can check the issue and Engineer came and as he replaced the modem with new one my computer get started working fine even I am surfing on the internet too, so that day I was very happy with my analysis by which I resolved the issue.

3. Operating System is corrupted :
Sometime operating system is not working correctly or any file is not accessible which is in use while running the computer or any file can be corrupted due to virus on your computer. So to resolve this issue re-install the operating system and check it again now.

4. Kill unnecessary applications and processes running on the computer :
If you got stuck and your computer has been hanged then press 3 key at once ALT + CTRL +DEL and you will be seeing a task Manager window , you can close the running applications and as well as unexpected process in your computer. Be careful while deleting the process because system processes which operating system services are also running on the system so do no kill those process.

5. At least 512 MB RAM Required :
To run a computer normal RAM is required that is 512 MB RAM. If you have installed so many softwares on your machine then you need to be enhancing a RAM. Sometimes computer is hanged because of less RAM.

6. Delete all files of %temp% directory :
When we are using an internet some defaults files are stored in temp folder. So delete all the files which are stored here.
To delete from temp folder –
Go in Start –Choose Run window and type %temp%.
Delete all the files inside this folder.

7. Delete Temporary files, cookies, history from Internet Explorer :
Open any internet Explorer – Go in Tools – Options and delete the all files, cookies  and history as red outlined marked in the below images.

Internet Explorer Browser settings
Google Chrome Browser Settings

8. Delete files from windows Temp folder :
This can be cause also to be hanged the computer, delete all the files from temp folder which resides in windows directory.

9.At least 1 GB Hard Disk space should be free all the time in Operating System Drive :
Generally while we are installing the operating system and choosing the drive C: for storing the windows and program files. So C drive should have at least one GB hardisk space should freeze all the time, this should not full any time.

10. Scan your computer  with latest anti virus :
While we are using an internet then there are chances to come virus in your computer via internet while downloading something or surfing the any website. So to remove the virus scan your full computer with latest anti virus and vault / move  all the virus which found during the scan.

11. Uninstall the unused software time to time :
If you are not using any software which you had installed few months ago or no use of that now then you should uninstall that software.

To Remove the software or uninstall the software you need to go in Control Panel from START.

Open Add Remove / Program Window.

Click on remove button as shown in the red outlined in below image.

12. De-fragment the Hard disk Drives ( C:, D:, E: ) :
De-fragmentation is very important for the computer at least once in a month or once after each two month computer should be defragmented. Defragmentation is process of arranging memory in hard disk in appropriates sectors.
To do defragmentation simply right click on any drive and go in the properties, go in tools tab as displayed in below image.

13.Weekly basis do Disk Cleanup –
There are so many files, those are unwanted and created automatically on the computer while you are browsing any website, opening any software or any other activities.These files are taking too much space on C drive (Operating System Installment Drive ), So to remove simply click right mouse button on C or D drive then look at properties, You will get the options of Disk Cleanup, click on Disk Cleanup. As you click on Disk Cleanup, computer will analyze that how many files can be deleted, wait until analyze task is not completed and prompted to ask are you to Delete the files , Say OK.All unwanted files will delete from the computer, this way will increase the space in Operating System Drive.
Step 1 :-

Step 2:-


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