Check Refund Status of Cancelled / Failed Payment Railway Reservation Tickets

Did you faced ever when payment succeed from the bank through Internet Banking and Railway Reservation Ticket was not get generated till that time and session expired error shown on the screen and reason not to be generate the ticket could be long time process, not allocated any berth or any network traffic issue.I Faced the same issue when I was doing the Tatkal Ticket.If you also got such error first you need to check your online bank statement, It might be payment have got deducted from your account. Besides this, there are few utilities available in the IRCTC website where you can check the details about failure of Transaction as well refund on cancelled Tickets.

Status of Cancelled or Payment Failed Railway Ticket

You will have to Login in IRCTC, Click on My Transactions Tab , you will see the above utility links.
1. Cancel E-Ticket / Refund -: It will show the list of cancelled, confirmed, waiting ticket.You may cancel also E-Ticket from here.
2. Cancelled History -: It will show the list of all cancelled E-Ticket with refund amount against the total amount.
3. Refund Status of cancelled Ticket -:  It will show also the list of all the cancelled E-Ticket along with Transaction ID, click to Transaction ID to get more details about refund amount and final status of refund amount.
4. Refund Status of Failed Transaction -: This shows all failed transactions which logged after payment not done through the bank due to any reason and Ticket is not get generated from IRCTC or Payment done from the bank but ticket is not get generated through IRCTC due to any cause.

This amount usually refunds in 3-4 days from IRCTC itself automatically, check the same in IRCTC account for failed transaction, status should be payment settled. For more confirmation or any doubt you can make call to IRCTC customer care or check your online statement or ATM Mini Statement or Bank Statement.For each Transaction IRCTC charged 11 Rs, this is also refunds when Ticket amount refunds.

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