Check Online Broadband Internet Speed – Test in Few Seconds

You can easily check your Internet broadband speed through online and even you can also know about download speed.You have to know about few terms before testing the speed.

What is Kbps – Kilo bits per second is a unit of measurement for data transfer speeds.It is not a kilo bytes per second. kilo bytes per second is considered in terms of downloading.One byte is equal to 8 bits.Bit is very small unit of data.

Data Storage Formula :
1 MB ( Mega Bytes) =1024 KB (Kilobytes)
1 GB  (Giga Bytes)=1024 MB
1 TB  (Tera Bytes)= 1024 GB

Data Travels Per seconds  through the INTERNET     – At Download Speed.
If Bandwidth 1 Mbps = 1024 kbps ( Kilo Bits Per Second )- i.e approx 128 kbps ( Kilo Bytes Per Second)
If Bandwidth 2 Mbps = 2 * 1024=2084 kbps                     – i.e approx 256 ( Kilo Bytes Per second )
If Bandwidth 3 Mpbs=  3 * 1024=3072 kbps                     – i.e approx (384 Kilo Bye Per second )

USB Modem – Device is like a pen drive which is used to connect a internet, Tata Photon Plus and Reliance Net connect are devices used for connecting an internet.

DSL Modem – Digital Subscriber line which is connect a computer to internet.we can say these modems are called Cable modem, broadband Modem.

Steps to test Speed of an internet online –
1.Open website
2.Then click here to find out .
3. It will give the result.

To Verify go with other website too –

Learn about current band width and about data downloading like any file ( music file,movie file, software exe etc).

For an example if you have 512 kbps (Bandwidth) plan then you should have current bandwidth more than 400 kbps and it should show download speed more than 50 kbps to 64 kbps.

See little calculations –

Formula to check Actual expected Download kbps speed = (kbps value bandwidth /8)

Ex – For a connectivity of 512 kbps ( kilo bits per second)

Convert int Kilo Bytes per second ( 512/8 ) = 64 kbps( 64 Kilo Bytes Per Second)

Therefore as per calculation an internet connection of 512 kbps bandwidth can download at Maximum speed of 64 KB Per Second (kbps).


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