Broadband wifi Internet is Better Than USB Dongle Internet

Broadband wifi internet is better as of today, there are many options available where cable broadband and fibre broadband  is faster in speed in compare of USB dongle or SIM based internet. The Broadband Wi-Fi Internet is a cheaper and providing a good downgrade speed after even Fixed usage GB used. You may watch movies on internet even without interruption. Need not to download videos, you may watch directly from websites. The cheaper plans available of Rs 699, 999 Rs only per month which offers a lot, Max Usage GB (upload & download), Max Speed and wifi internet router free. Few of Internet Provider in India started to provide a speed of 10mbps to 100mbps which is huge. I have added just few internet provider in this post you may choose as per availability in your area.  If you are not roaming from here to there and using internet for home purpose then better to go for  wifi internet broadband rather than USB dongle internet.

The broadband wifi internet has many advantages as you may connect to multiple device at same time. There are many plans available to get wifi internet connection, we have listed few names of internet connection provider which are giving a good plan of wifi internet at minimum amount and high internet speed. You should get best internet speed. For internet video browsing you must have 2mbps speed plan that give a good internet speed and you can watch movies online without interruption of buffering.

List of WiFi Internet Connection Provider :

Nextra Customer Care No – 01246111444

Initia Customer Care No – 01246111456

Spectranet Customer Care No – 18001215678

Hathway Customer Care No – 01146085777

Tikona Customer Care No – 18002094276