Blogger Dynamic Views – Some Features are Still Missing

Blogger has launched year back dynamic views templates, many blogger started using 7 views of dynamic views templates, but still it is not with all features which was in blogger template. We can not customize so much dynamic view temple.Some features which needs to cover in next release of Dynamic Views in future.
1.Custom Search Widget is not Supported -: 
If you had used the dynamic views  and tried to search the content in blog and you will be seeing that it does search from all Loaded Posts,Suppose you had written 50 posts but on Home page in sidebar template showing 20 posts then it will searches from all 20 posts not from all 50 posts.So it does not search from all the posts written so for, this needs to be first enhancement for new release and should also support Google Custom Search and Adsense Custom Search Script.
2.HTML / JavaScript Widget is not supported  -:
I have tried with HTML / JavaScript widget , however this is not available to use in Dynamic Views blogger, as you know for customization of look and feel of blog, this feature is very much needed, Blogger Team must need to embed this feature in new release of Blogger Dynamic views.
3. Popular Posts Widget is not Supported  -:
Each Publisher / Webmaster is expecting this feature also in new release, earlier in Blogger template we were able to do use this widget.
4. Google Ads  & Script Support  -: 
We can not show ads in various sizes , it is fixed in all dynamic views templates, only two sizes are supported in displaying ads, apart from it we do not have Adsense Script support to put the Ads on wherever we like as for an example font / color change.
5. Logo  Change  -:
Earlier in blogger we had feature of Logo change or Header Image Change, now we do not have this feature in Dynamic Views.
6.You May Like This Widget  -:
This needs to be design for blogger template as well.This widget was not earlier exists to in Blogger Template too. This is very much needed for all publisher / webmasters to engage visitors with Good contents and useful posts.For each post there must be shown down few number of links with thumbnail to attract visitors for more contents on same topic or on other topics.Links should be displayed on labels / category basis or from all Blog posts at random basis.

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