Axis Bank – Where to Check Send Mail Details While Online Transactions

Axis Bank has button of Send Mail while doing any transaction, do you know use of this Send Mail button.Whenever you do any transaction through internet banking, make a practice of sending mail, it sends mails in Axis Bank Inbox and inbox display the list of cyber receipts of your online transactions.You can check all the cyber receipt to verify the your transaction.This is very nice feature to keep eye on each transaction and make secure your online transactions.Mail has all the details of your Transactions with Payment Id and other details.Checking a Mail Inbox option available on Axis Bank Website home page at top right corner.Login with your Internet Banking username and password and check your mails.

Axis Mail Inbox

Make habit of a Send Mail while doing a Transaction and you will see the cyber receipt in Axis Mail Inbox.
Send Mail Button in Axis Bank
Use Send Mail Option While Transaction


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