Apply Methods – How to Speak English Perfectly and Fluently

Today I am going to share with you, how you will speak fluently in English Language and how will get a command on the language.I will be drawing few points which will help you a lot.

  • Start with simply “how are you”, next day “what about you”, “I was waiting for you” etc. I mean to say learn each day only single sentence which is easier to understand. After clear understanding speak the sentence as much as possible in a day but this practice should done on regular basis and I am sure that one day you will be speaking a good English, first speak slow and very clear and give time to others to understand what ever you want to speak.
  • Read English news paper daily, it will improve your pronunciations, go for easy English paper.
  • Watch an English movie in weekend or once in a week it will improve your listening skills.Watch movie on YouTube, few of movies are completely free on YouTube.
  • Write something about yourself – start with “Tell me about yourself” and you know this is so much asked in the first interactive conversation or in the interview.In this You should cover all about you, academic achievements, technical skills, hobbies, family etc.If You don’t have anything for writing then participate in any forum discussion as per your likings of subject, you can participate in Yahoo Questions and Answers, and in Google Groups and in other Forums .
  • To get command on English, try to form a new sentence with a proper grammar, if you don’t know grammar then refer any book or . After forming any sentence in your way make practice of it in a day at least twice, thrice time with your analysis that I have made a correct sentences , there is no error in my sentence.
  • Read and write everyday something new as per your likings on Internet or in your diary.
  • Read each SMS, try to understand what says this SMS.
  • Write a mail to your friend in English and try to make verbal communication most of the time with your friend in English.
  • Make strong vocabulary, Read dictionary date wise. Suppose today is date 1st then dictionary alphabet should be “A” and related words should be learned with in same day . If today is 2nd then words should be learned those are starts from “B”alphabet . Make it in practice as much as possible for you, it will help you a lot in while speaking or writing.Automatic these words will come in your mind or we can say whenever anyone speak in English in front of you then you would be able to understand what have been said . In rest of 4-5 days, try to form new sentences by using these new words.
  • Don’t hesitates while speaking, hesitation comes because of less practice not because of your knowledge or not command on English, every one speaks after one sentence and then after he adds one more sentence, no one can form multiple sentence in single time, could not speak all at once. It is impossible actually, everyone takes little time in the forming sentences while speaking, so to reduce this time you have to do a practice of speaking in English and day to day think about forming new sentences in your way.If your speaking an English in your way then you will be introducing a your style and this will be your way of speaking in English.
  • Listen English music if possible, it improves pronunciation.
  • Watch YouTube English videos and again it will improve your listening skill and also way to pronounce any word.
  • For making more strong vocabulary, check instantly Google Translator Tool and get the your word mean in your mother tongue and usage of that word in Google Translator .This tool also pronounce the word so it is easy to know how you will speak the same word.
  • Use for the dictionary and get any word from Hindi to English or English to Hindi.This website updating each day a new word with a proper example of usage, focus on usage part and form a multiple sentences using this word in your way.
This is magic behind an English Speak, you will feel the same magic when you apply only few of these methods.

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