Apply Job On Google Talk ( GTalk Chat ) Messenger has made job seeker’s life so easy, you can apply job on GTalk when you are not able to get access to an email account, you can search job on GTalk, You can see the job details, specific need of a job and you can apply the same job in seconds.

Step 1  :- Login in Gtalk and add Contact
irst make request to add, auto response will come, this contact automatically will add in your account.After adding if not found, you can search the same contact by typing j keyword..

Apply Job through Gtalk

Step 2  :- Start Chating and Type JS with Criteria
Type JS with some criteria, like JS Dotnet 6 Years Noida, where JS is command to job search , Dotnet is Job Type  6 Year is working experience and preferred  job place is Noida, as you press enter , you will be getting the result of many jobs base on criteria, these all jobs having a Job Id, displaying in bold letter..

Job Search on Gtalk
Step 3  :- Type JD to See Specific Job Details
Type JD to see more Job Details about the specific Job, as shown in the example below 
Get Job Description on Gtalk

Step 4 :-  Apply Job through JobId and Username 
Type apply Job Id to apply the Job against the Job Id , shown below-

Apply job through Google Talk

Step 5 :- Job Applied Message
Job Applied successfully message will display in your chat window as well as the same will mail on your email Id.

Job Applied Message on Gtalk

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