Adwords – How to Add, Edit and Delete Keyword

Keywords are very most preferred by the search engine while anyone searching in search and as search is performed result is displayed and Sponsored Links are displayed at the right corner.These Sponsored Links are run by google adwords program.This is another way to advertise the publisher sites or comapany sites as we have seen the first way was to display the ads on the publisher site of other publisher.

1. How to add Keyword –
To add keyword simply login into Google Adwords account and select the campaign then after select the an adgroup in which you want to add more keywords. Basically adgroup is nothing but an advertise which is created by google adwords owner. After selecting the adgroup, click on button add keyword. As you click a new big textbox will be shown just above to the button, you need to enter now each keyword per line individually. For an example if you want to put two keywords in the textbox i.e Google and Adsense then Google will be first line and AdSense will be the second line. If you feel it is re-work and time taking task then you can upload the excel file of the keywords and you can refer the same excel sheet for the next adding or deleting the keyword.

2. Re-estimate the Search Traffic –
You can re-estimate the search traffic for the both keyword which shows Avg. CPC, Clicks / Day, Cost / Day. You can chek form here how much money you need to put so for.  After doing above all the stuff click on save button. Both keywords would be added successfully in the Adgroup.

3. Edit the Keyword –
You can edit the keyword also, select any keyword from the list, you will see the small popup and change name of the keyword. For each keyword you can choose the option as Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match. Analyze time to time each keyword and check also how many impressions done for the Adgroup and how many clicked done by the viewers on your ads.

4. Delete the Keyword –
If you see some keyword are rarely shown or have a bad score then you can delete them.To delete the keyword from the list, select any keyword or all the keyword and choose option for delete from the change the status on top header of the grid and delete the selected keywords.


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